Live footage of the painting process of 'House in The Woods' In this video you can see how the painting evolved in steps. see more on
See how Maciej Jedrzejewski turns a simple Nike scarf into a spiritual cloth. Witness touching footage, viewing it with surrealist eyes.
Maciej Jedrzejewski's first 10 min film. This piece deals with the fear of apocalypse and serves as a warning. It is short however impactful and mesmerizing.
Each page is drawn individually. To purchase the original drawings or the book please send me an email: Website:
An experimental film made during the exhibition 'Jhanas - Visions of My Mind' in this film we can see the artist being watched by CCTV while meditating behind his art pieces.
An experimental film by Maciej Jedrzejewski. The footage is compiled of family DVDs created by his dad Andrzej Jedrzejewski in the 90s. The artist is editing his father's work, therefore seeing with his eyes and becoming familiar with memories which were forgotten but now are revisited. see more at
An experimental art video by Maciej Jedrzejewski. Is it a forest? What are the strange lights in the distance? see more at

Each page is drawn individually. To purchase the original drawings or the book please send me an email:


'Home Sweet Home' investigates the theme of migration. It opens with the footage of post war British migrants to Australia, it is done so to show how comfortable they travelled to their destination, and how welcomed they were received. This is compared to the recent migration crisis and the journey of the migrants and their not so welcomed reception. This 'reception' is explored further with footage of political and social reaction to the crisis. Black and white is used to install a sense of dream, a technique used in Tarkovsky's early films. The video is distorted to emphasise the fact that the 'system' is broken. The pictorial code at the end of the video, translates to Home Sweet Home. Each of the symbols relates to the experiences of a Polish migrant: the letter home, mountains, priest carrying a cross, door to a new home etc. The design itself is reminiscent of Polish embroideries, especially the last symbol.