Short Biography:

Maciej Jedrzejewski was born in 1993 in a small quiet town called Chelmza, located North West of Poland. He graduated with a degree in BA (Hons) Graphic and Digital Design at The University of Greenwich in 2015. The artist’s earliest memory of drawing is when in the middle of the night, unable to sleep and too scared to wake his parents up, he decided to draw on his bedroom wall.

His mother used to take him to their local cathedral which made a huge impression on the young boy. Instead of listening to the bible readings, he was more fascinated by the paintings inside and the stories they told. He moved to England with his family in 2005, when he was just 11 years old. The family lived in the heart of Peckham which was the first point of contact for the artist with African culture and Hip-Hop culture. This combination of spirituality and rebelliousness is an endless source of inspiration for the artist.  

As he continues to walk on the path of life, he uses his art as a diary for a later contemplation upon the events within his life. This results in work that finds its roots in Surrealism and Abstraction. The works are created in a semi-automated fashion. A huge part of what is spilled out onto the canvas, depends on where his sub-conscious will lead him. Therefore, the work is discovered during the process of its creation. He argues that there is a new movement emerging that could be classified as ‘Neo-Surrealism’. Within his work, the interest not only lies on the exploration of individual’s sub-conscious, but also on the use of light and colour in order to achieve mystical, spiritual and surreal sensations.

The artist has experience in working with SEN children which influences him further. Greatly inspired by Buddhism and lucid dreams the artist hopes to achieve the sense of escape and arrival. The fuel for his passion is the belief that art (especially painting) can once again awaken divine emotions within an individual. In 2017 Maciej has joined APA (The Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain Est.1957) He is an active member of the association. 

Artist Statement: 

Art should awaken emotions within those who look at it. That is the most important role of art. It does not matter what is the medium. It should spark an overwhelming wave of feelings. The same feelings that people experience during spiritual rituals, religious ceremonies or falling in love. It should feel very similar to when for the first time you attended a funeral or when you held a new born. The first time you made love, the first time you kissed someone. The first time you became conscious of your existence, and your place in the universe. The first time you looked into the stars, and couldn’t take your eyes away. When you first look at new piece of art, it should feel the same way. If it doesn’t make you think about the beauty, and the wonder of existence, it is missing a crucial piece. Art should take you down the memory lane. Give raise to memories from childhood or other deeply buried moments from your life. It does not have to resemble reality however it should mirror the human soul.